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The Perfect Pantry

Recently, I was asked to work on a BEAUTIFUL pantry! The shelving and backsplash had all been redone and looked beautiful. It was also already organized -- see below. All it needed was a facelift! Here's what the pantry looked like before: Because this pantry project was already organized, it required little to no purging. When I am working on a pantry or kitchen project, I always double check the expiration date on every item of food I put back into the space because, let's face it, there's always somehow a condiment or dressing that expired 2 years ago no matter how great you are at going through your fridge. After a quick initial consultation, I got right to shopping. Here are some of the items I selected for this project from The Container Store : InterDesign Kitchen Bins                      Ashcraft Storage Bins Bin Clip Labels                               The Home Edit Labels InterDesign Organizer                       Bamboo Lazy Su

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