A Little Order in the Office

Recently, I had the privilege of doing a mini-makeover on my mom's office and, let me tell you, it was long overdue! Her office had become an under-utilized space with a lack of storage and purpose. My mom works for a local Colorado distillery and constantly needs tons of materials, including large amounts of booze, at her fingertips for gift baskets, events, trade shows -- you name it! Here's a glimpse into the before situation:

Can you say inefficient? This space was not working to meet her needs at all! 

So here's what I did:

1. Added another large bookshelf to the existing three piece set

2. Purged 2 large bags and 6 boxes worth of trash and donations

3. Took EVERYTHING off of shelving and desks and sorted it

4. Shopped (click pictures below for links)! I bought tons on stuff including:
  • Beautiful Rose Gold Office Accessories

  • Multi-Purpose Bins for Files
  • Clean & Simple White Nordic Baskets (and I filled these bad boys with booze!)

5. Installed all of the new goodies & labeled everything for easy access

 ^^These are ALL booze!

My mom was thrilled! She's got a beautiful open space with tons of storage for all her office & distillery needs!


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