Closet Transformation

Recently, I was gifted with the opportunity to work with a friend of mine on a spare bedroom closet in her home. The goal? To have a closet guests could use for their stuff when they're in town. With four children who moved out and two parents who recently passed away, she had tons of stuff to go through that didn't all (or even mostly) belong to her. As we went through, we found TONS of stuff to donate, repurpose, and a few things she wasn't quite ready to go through (which we packed in a few beautiful baskets).

First, we took everything out of the closet and categorized it into types of things (keep), donations, and trash. Then, we shopped together for new containers & baskets that she loved and were beautiful AND practical (my two favorite words). Lastly, I loaded all the donations into my car and dropped them off at Goodwill -- an instant declutter!



Amazing, right?! Honestly, you don't have to gut and rebuild a closet to see dramatic results.

xo kelsey


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