My Battery Life

Ever found yourself feeling frustrated by the sound of batteries rolling around in the back of a drawer? Ever been looking for that AA battery pack you swear you just bought but can't find it? If either of these situations have ever applied to your life, a battery organizer is for you. and me. and everyone you know! No joke, this small purchase will save you so much hassle in the future that it is completely worth it.

The one I own is from The Container Store and I love it! It's $8.99 and can be found here. It's pretty compact, which is perfect for my small home and limited battery needs.

The Container Store also has a battery organizer for $19.99 that holds more batteries and includes a tester to "determine the remaining strength of a battery's charge" and can be found here. I have to say, that while the second option is more practical (because it holds more and actually tests your batteries), it isn't as convenient to store, it doesn't have a lid, and it is not nearly as visually appealing as the first.

If you're nowhere near The Container Store, you can also try Amazon! Hello, 2-Day Shipping! There are TONS of options there, but my favorite option is on sale for $17.90 and can be found here. Note, this option does not include a tester.

My second favorite Amazon option includes a tester and is more attractive than its Container Store counterpart. It is on sale for $18.99 and can be found here.

Hopefully, this helps with your battery frustrations!

xo kelsey


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